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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The New Baghdad Bobs

The riots over the cartoons are seperating the men from the boys when it comes to who will stand up and defend freedom of speech. We know for example that if America ever collapses into dictatorship, the NYT and CNN just to name two, will be vying to be America's Bagdad Bob.

I heard they don't want to print the cartoons out of respect for Muslim "sensitivities." Right! When someone tells you not to print something or they will burn down your building, and then you don't print it, that's not respect, that's obedience.

Oh well, at least we are getting a real clear picture of who Americans can trust and who they can't. The amazing thing is these news establishments still think we should trust them to give us the news we can believe.

We are also seeing why multiculturalism is such an evil political philosophy: it treats all cultures as having equal moral value regardless whether the cultures involved are life, liberty and happiness enhancing or destroying. It treats an anti-man, anti-life bloody dictatorship like China and a pro-man, pro-life free nation like the USA as moral equals. They're not.

Just as the original Baghdad Bob told us no American troops were in Baghdad while our tanks were driving by behind him, so the new Baghdad Bobs are telling us that the sensitivities of our enemies trumps our right of free speech, that feelings are superior to rights, that obedience is really respect, that weakness is strength, that irresponsibility (to cut and run) is responsible and on and on.

As I mentioned in one of my comments on another post, what's happening between Islam and the west could be called Civilization 101. If Islam is to survive, the first lesson needs to be that speech is to be free by right and not by permission.

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