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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Envy, See the Light, Eco-Devils

At the end of one of its editorials on 2/21/07, the Detroit Free Press had a P.S.:
"As you slog through the cold and ice to get to the kids to school today, console yourself knowing that a bunch of millionaires are gathered in the Florida sunshine to play baseball for a few weeks."

Now is that designed to stir up feelings of envy and contempt for those who have more or what? Pathetic!


Lubos Motl has a good post on the war of the light bulbs. I didn't know some fluorescents had mercury in them.


Paul Ashton at Global Warming is Good posts on how enviros do more harm than good. He links to a Washington Post article which includes a review of a new book Eco-Freaks by John Berlau of the CEI. It shows how New Orleans would not have flooded during Katrina but for the environmentalists.


Myrhaf said...

Doubtless, the editorial writer would respond to your criticism by saying, "Hey, it was a joke! Lighten up!"

But what we choose to sneer at tells a lot about our values. Now, if the editorialist had joked about a bunch of Congressmen taking a "fact-finding mission" to Bermuda, THAT would be a good line!

Mike N said...

Myrhaf, good point.