Thursday, February 22, 2007

Envy, See the Light, Eco-Devils

At the end of one of its editorials on 2/21/07, the Detroit Free Press had a P.S.:
"As you slog through the cold and ice to get to the kids to school today, console yourself knowing that a bunch of millionaires are gathered in the Florida sunshine to play baseball for a few weeks."

Now is that designed to stir up feelings of envy and contempt for those who have more or what? Pathetic!


Lubos Motl has a good post on the war of the light bulbs. I didn't know some fluorescents had mercury in them.


Paul Ashton at Global Warming is Good posts on how enviros do more harm than good. He links to a Washington Post article which includes a review of a new book Eco-Freaks by John Berlau of the CEI. It shows how New Orleans would not have flooded during Katrina but for the environmentalists.
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