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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Global Warming Smackdown LTE Printed

Today's Feb. 10th. Detroit Free Press printed an LTE of mine in its entirety. I know that ridicule by itself is not an argument. So this was my attempt to make a rational point then a little ridicule.

**I was disappointed to see Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., buying into the global warming consensus ("Rise to global warming challenge," Feb 6). There is an old saying in scientific circles: "If you need a consensus your evidence isn't strong enough." To have a consensus is to admit that one has only weak evidence, and to call that "settled science," as some are doing, is less than honest.

The first assessment report in 1990 said man's influence on climate change was possible. The second report, in 1996, said it was discernable. The third, in 2001, said it was likely. The fourth now says it is "very likely." The fifth will no doubt say "really very likely," then "really, really very likely." Give me a break.**

I think it's time to start ridiculing and laughing at some of these fools and their foolish notions. It's a tactic they use on the public so why not use it back on them? Of course, ecoInquirer does a good job of that now.

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