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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lil' Round Up Feb 1st

Sandy Szwarc at Junkfood Science has a good article titled "Anatomy of an Epidemic" which I highly recommend. She focuses on studies that show that a media hyped increase in the autism epidemic was actually the result of more and wider diagnosis. This is also an example of government encouragement of science resulting in the issue of truth and falsehood being treated as irrelevant.


Gus Van Horn has a neat and revealing video-15min-on the state of modern math as taught in elementary schools. We need a lot more people like Ms. McDermott.


Andy Clarkson at the Charlotte Capitalist reports on House members trying to pass legislation to prevent companies like Walmart and Home Depot from opening up banks in their stores. He goes in-depth on the falacy of it all.

What I'm listening to:

I just finished listening to the 2 CD lecture "Scientific Method: Ptolemy vs Galileo" by David Harriman which can be had here. Just before that I had listened to "Physicists Lost in Space" also by Mr. Harriman which can be had here. I liked them so much I have decided to order more science lectures from the Ayn Rand Book Store here. I've heard that bad philosophic ideas are working their way into the practical sciences from reading various Objectivist articles on the subject. I had no idea the damage was this bad. Readers of this blog know that I sometimes post on scientific junk, especially on the global warming farce. So to me it is worth knowing about those ideas and how to spot them and maybe even refute them.

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