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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogroll Additions Jan 09

It's time to update my blogroll again with the addition of more informative and thought provoking blogs.

First will be The Imaginary Philosophy hosted by Tom Stelene. His post of Jan 28th asks "How religion insults us and we don't even know it."

Second is Tito's Blog where Roberto "Tito" Sarrionandia discusses whether one should support a party which is the lesser of two evils or concentrate on a philosophical revolution.

Third is the blog of Scott Holleran where he informs that "Penguin has announced that it will publish a trade paperback for We the Living by Ayn Rand." And..."The powerful We the Living, one of my favorite novels, is the last of Ayn Rand’s four novels to be reprinted in the larger trade paperback format. Publicity materials also make reference to a biography of Ayn Rand (1905-1982) that’s slated for sale next month." Now that's good news.

Fourth is The Little Things hosted by Amy Mossoff. Hers is a positive and uplifting blog. On Jan 30 she has as part of her three good things, a video of a concert --- harmonica? Sure enough. Enjoy.

Fifth will be the Philosophical Mortician who asks the question, what is a mortgage?

Sixth is Zigory who gives his views of Rush Limbaugh.

Seventh will be Heroes of Capitalism a multi-contributor site which now looks at Friedrich August von Hayek.

Eighth is Flibbertigibbet who looks at how much money he's spending on groceries.

Ninth is the blog of Dr. Monica Hughes FA/RM or Free Agriculture, Restore Markets. Her last post addresses the nonsense of the British contention: "People should not be allowed to eat eggs."

Tenth shall be, another blog by Ari Armstrong. Today he looks at the prospect of New Tariff Wars.

Eleventh is Co2science Magazine hosted by the Idso family. They are not Objectivists but have a love of facts and are loyal to them. They have a new posting every Wednesday. I should have added them a long time ago.

I'm still looking at a few others and may add them on my next update.


Amy said...

Thanks, Mike!

Zigory said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog!

Michael Neibel said...

Amy and Zigory:

You're welcome.