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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Looking Ahead

This new year I have decided to make two resolutions. One is to increase efforts to lose more weight, about 25 pounds and the other is to increase promotion of Objectivism with an uptic in my activism. While those are things I'd like to do in 09, over at The New Clarion I have posted on some headlines I'd also like to see this new year.


Burgess Laughlin said...

Best wishes on losing weight, especially if you are doing it for health reasons.

About 35 years ago, at age 30, I had heart disease symptoms and predictors: chest pains and pains on the inside of my left arm when I exercised or was under emotional stress; high blood pressure (145/95); and high level of blood cholesterol (240 mg/dl, if I recall the units correctly).

My doctor gave me a choice: medication for the rest of my life or change my ways. I chose the latter. I switched from Standard American Diet (pizza and beer) to the Pritikin Program diet (omnivorous, but very low fat and mostly coarse plant foods). I lost 65 pounds in 15 months while continuing the same level of exercise (medium).

What is so confusing today is that there are so many choices. For most laymen, making a choice is difficult.

Mike N said...

You're right about all the confusing choices. I've lost 15 lbs since last year but gained 5 back and have since leveled off. I've cut way back on my carb intake but evidently not enough and I'll be increasing exercise from low to moderate. We'll see how that works. Right now I'm trying to follow the South Beech Diet book when I can. Holidays are hard on diets.