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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Objectivist Psychology

While visiting other sites I noticed a few questions about Objectivist psychology. So I thought I would draw my readers attention to three sites that are on my blogroll.

First is Dr. Michael J. Hurd Ph.D. who now post his Daily Dose of Reason for all to read.

Second is Dr. Ellen Kenner Ph.D. who has her own radio show titled "The Rational Basis of Happiness". You can listen to some of her past shows via pod casts or even listen in on a live one. Her show is carried on 44 stations in North America and 2 in Canada.

Third is Fire Fly Sun hosted by Dr. Scott J. Adams Ph.D. This is an interesting and large site to explore. You'll also see contributions by both the above Dr. Hurd and Dr. Kenner as well as others.

Soon I'll be updating my blogroll again and will add 'psychology' to their names on the roll so future visitors will know what kind of doctors they are.

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