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Monday, July 31, 2006

Civilians and 'Sustainable Peace'

A great deal of hand wringing is going on over the civilian casualties in Lebanon recently. We are told that the conflict is resulting in the death of too many civilians. But this should not be a surprise. The jihad against the West is a war of civilians.

Usually, an aggressive government will employ a uniformed military to attack a neighbor and seize their wealth. The invaded nation's government will then respond with its military to try and defeat the aggressor.

Throughout the Middle East, the governments have reversed the normal structure of warfare. Today, all the governments from Syria over to Afganistan go out of their way to pretend to be uninvolved. The people in the government and the military do nothing, at least outwardly. Instead they recruit civilians to form terrorist groups who then go forth and kill the civilians of hated infidel nations. These terrorist groups are civilians. The people who flew the planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon were not government or military people. They were civilians. No Middle Eastern nation attacked us on 9/11. We were attacked by civilians. Whenever Isreal conducts a sweep of Palistinian or Lebanese areas looking for weapons stashes, they find them in the homes and cellars of civilians.

This does not mean that we need to run around the ME killing only civilians. We must still remember that it is these governments that are sponsoring and financing these civilians. Destroy these governments (Iran and Syria) and it will help a lot.

But even that will not be enough. There is a very dangerous call going out right now by Western leaders for something called "sustainable peace." This demand requires Hezbollah to be completely disarmed. But ridding Hezbollah of weapons is not the same as ridding Hezbollah of the reason for those weapons--the will to destroy Isreal. The will to kill is what needs to be destroyed.

No matter how many times Hezbollah lays down its arms in a temporary truce or cease fire, Iran and Syria will simply supply them with more. The terrorists will then stage another attack on their own people and blame it on Isreal. The idea that disarming Hezbollah will work is based on the same warped thinking employed by the gun control crowd here in America, the notion that the reason Hezbollah is killing Jews is because they have guns and if we can take away their guns everything will be just lovey dovey.

The Jews have no desire to wipe Muslims off the face of the earth. The Muslims do want to wipe the Jews off of the planet. When this desire to kill is destroyed, sustainable peace will be possible, not before.

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