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Friday, July 14, 2006

Notice update for Undercurrent

I see when I cut and pasted the last notice I left out a few sentences. So here is the email again. Sorry.

Dear Objectivist blogger and Ayn Rand fan,

The Undercurrent, a national Objectivist campus publication, is now accepting submissions for its back-to-school issue, due to hit the presses in the first week of September. The article draft submission deadline is July 28th.

Please send all submissions and inquiries to .

You are welcome as always to send us your article ideas, or an outline to review, if you would like feedback from our editors in advance of the deadline. Please visit our website, , for a review of submission guidelines and to peruse our past issues.

Whether or not you choose to submit an article for this issue, we encourage you to please post this announcement to your blog.

_The Undercurrent_ staff

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