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Friday, July 21, 2006

Roundup July 21

Gus Van Horn has an essay on how the religious right intellectuals are supporting the "Just War" theory of war. He does an insightful analysis of one of the right's leading intellectuals Professor Bainbridge.

Rule of Reason treats us to some valuable tips on fiction writing in an essay by Ed Cline author of the Sparrowhawk series of novels set at the time leading up to the American Revolution.

Jim Woods at Words by Woods has a interesting post on how the pragmatism of Mike Deaver has influenced modern events in Lebonon.

Amit Ghate at Thrutch has an essay on the "disproportionate response" condemnation Isreal has been getting for the way it's fighting against Hezbollah and Hamas. I've seen a lot of websites discuss this doctrine of "proportionality" in the last few days so I've decided to add my 2 cents in a day or so.

Principles in Practice links to a funny illustration of the bible--in Lego bricks.

Matt May critiques a LA Times column by perrenial Bush basher Johnathon Chait. Bush has his faults for sure but failing to meet the intellectual level of a Johnathon Chait should be comforting.

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