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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Bolton Interview

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs has an interview with John Bolton which she links to at Politics Central here.

At the beginning of the interview, IIRC, Bolton said the U.S. is not asking for a cease fire but rather a "cessation of hostilities." How is that different than a cease fire? Unless it forbids swear words too! Mr. Bolton went on to say: "Everyone wants a cessation of hostilities." Actually John, no they don't. Hezbollah doesn't. In fact the leader of Hezbollah said that Hezbollah will keep fighting until all Isreali troops are withdrawn. That's neither a cease fire nor a cessation of hostilities. It's a surrender.

Mr. Bolton says that the U.S. is adamant in its demand that there be a Hezbollah-free zone set up in Lebanon. That is a pipe dream. It was the Lebanese government that allowed Hezbollah to set up camp in Lebanon and has allowed Hezbollah terrorists to be members of the Lebanese government. I don't see how the Lebanese government and Hezbollah will be willing to let a foreign force come into Lebanon for the purpose of protecting Isreal. It isn't going to happen. If it does it will be nothing more than a charade.

Mr. Bolton also reiterated America's policy of bringing *democracy* to the ME by pointing out that Lebanese Americans are also committed to bringing democracy to Lebanon. Our leaders, including Bolton, don't know that democracy always leads to unlimited majority rule. In the ME that means Isreal is not supposed to exist.

All attempts at cease fires and truces are evasions of reality. Being evaded is the cause of the hostilities, the Muslim desire to wipe Jews off the face of the earth. Hezbollah will agree to any peace plan as long as it results in the West allowing them to continue to exist. Even though Hezbollah knows it can never destroy Isreal by itself, it just wants to continue to exist so it can kill more Jewish civilians. That is all Hezbollah wants and the real evil is that America and the Western press is willing to let them do it.

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