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Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Short Review of Obsession

A friend asked if I would give my opinion on the movie Obsession: What The War On Terrorism Is All About. With a few small changes, here is what I e-mailed him.

I watched the movie and I do think it did a fair job of presenting how dangerous Islam is. They did a good job of showing how Islam seeks a global submission to it and how it preaches hate in all its schools.

I liked the way they showed the paralells to 1930's Germany and how futile and immoral appeasment was then and is now.

The movie also claimed that most Muslims are peaceful and have no desire to run around killing infidels or Jews. I take this however with a large grain of salt. Sure, some no doubt are very peaceful people. I have met some. But the problem is these people are not in charge of the religion today. The jihadists are. So, the religion has to be treated as a terrorist religion. In fact, it should be treated as a state whose leadership needs to be overthrown. (This is how Bush should have presented it to the American people shortly after 9/11.)

I think Islam needs to be treated the same way Sherman treated the South in the civil war: take out major supply centers like Atlanta, cut off supply lines to the rebel armies and let them collapse. This means Bush would have to topple Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia, and he doesn't have the moral clarity to do that. Just toppling Tehran would cause Damascus to fall shortly thereafter I believe.

I do think more people need to see the movie. I don't think it will make television due to the graphic throat slitting scene unless they edit it out. Too many people believe Bush when he says Islam is a "religion of peace." That needs to change.

The one hour and 17 min movie can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

I agree. In essence, we *are* at war with one nation; the Nation of Islam. But no one in power or likely to be in power would ever admit it. Sadly.

D. Eastbrook

Amy Nasir said...

Hi Mike! It's Amy Nasir. It was nice to see you last weekend. The link to the movie needs updating - Excellent points as always!

Mike N said...

Thanks for the heads up Amy. Evidently Google has pulled the video probably for legal reasons. I posted an update. Thanks again.