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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This and That August 8th

If you haven't been there already, LGF and Powerline and Michelle Malkin are exposing doctored photos of Lebanon by a Reuters photographer. Evidently, Reuters has retracted the photos. EU Referendum looks at more doctered photos. And for a crituque of same try here. (Hat tip to John Brignell at Number Watch, go to August scroll down to Props.)

What gets me is not that some reporters are dishonest from time to time but that this stuff gets by the editors. We are constantly told that bloggers lack the checks and balances of having a crew of fact-checkers or "gatekeepers" as the BBC likes to call them. There can only be one reason for this getting past the editors so easily, they want it to be true so they go with it. So much for the integrity of the MSM.


In a similar vein, Steven Milloy at Junk says that global warming advocate Ross Gelbspan is still claiming he won a pulitzer prize even though he didn't. Figures, people who don't care about the truth of global warming won't care about the truth of other things as well.

Why is NASA flying around looking for woodpeckers?

While at Junk I found this article. "NASA assists in hunt for woodpecker thought to be extinct." Ok I can see NASA helping out the university with their vertical imaging technology but I hope the university is paying NASA for its use. There is also this sentence:

"But last month scientists from NASA and the University of Maryland, College Park, Md., launched a project to identify possible areas where the woodpecker might be living."

It seems to me our tax money would be wiser spent on finding one of the birds for sure then examining the environment around it rather that maping possible areas where the woodpecker might be living.

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