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Friday, August 18, 2006

Lil' Round Up

Morgan Freeberg has a post on the hipocrisy of Barak Obama who preaches to others not to drive gas guzzling SUVs but drives one himself. It's titled Missing the Smugness.

Greg at Noodle Food reports on Nicole Kidman and 84 others taking out a full page ad in LA Times blaming Hezbollah and Hamas for lives lost in ME. I left a comment about how I didn't know there were 85 people in Hollywood who thought that way. Greg also has a quote from Jimmy Carter showing how pathetic a person Carter has become. The interview from which the Carter quote was taken is here at Witch Doctor Repellent.

Craig Ceely at The Anger of Compassion reports on how Duranty lives in regard to Castro.

Fellow Detroit blogger P. Aaron at The Motown Blog has a rant on the recent cease fire in Lebanon titled "Joe 6-Pack Knows What It Takes To Win" with which I agree. But, as a side thought, the fact that Joe 6-Pack knows the score and the educated class doesn't, is a damning indictment of our government school system.

Dennis Chamberland at Quantum Limit has a post on how the scientific establishment is having a problem with defining what is a planet. Why don't they just use Aristotle's rules of definition and identify a genus and a differentia? It seems that the problem lies with the smallness of some of the newly discovered planets which are smaller than our moon. Anyway, to me, it looks like they need not a new concept of planet but a sub-concept like planetoid which could be any planet smaller than say Pluto. Then the scientists could safely say the Sun has 9 planets and 3 planetoids. See, all confusion gone!

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