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Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Feel Better Now

A few days ago Andy Clarkson at the Charlotte Capitalist had a good post tying Hezbollah's desire to wipe out Isreal and Michigan Senator Carl Levin's desire to loot profits of off-shore based companies as both instances of attacks on the producers because they are producers. Andy is right of course.

But Sen. Levin is my Michigan senator and watching him perform-just listening to him talk-over the years is an exceedingly frustrating experience. Perhaps I'm letting myself get frustrated too easily. Maybe I should console myself that I don't live in Mass. But I'm telling you, Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin could give Sen's Kennedy and Kerry a run for their Robin Hood credentials anyday.

I left a comment to the above post telling Andy that sometimes I feel like I want to join the repub party just to help get Stabenow and Levin out of office. Then again sometimes I feel like voting for more people like them so the economy will crash sooner and people will get what they deserve. But that is just me being spiteful and naturally, being spiteful is irrational and I must avoid the irrational even though it can feel good which of course it shouldn't. Sigh. (Andy was sympathetic.)

So, when I get thusly frustrated, I have decided what works best for me is to visit as many Objectivist sites as possible as well as taking another look at reality.

At the Noodle Food site Diana has the really good news that two of Leonard Peikoff's lecture courses are now for sale at a discounted price. I'll be taking advantage of that shortly because the offer expires Oct. 1st.

Blair at The Secular Foxhole recommends two books for good August reading. One fiction and one non-fiction. The book on coincidences and math seems interesting to me.

Jennifer Snow at Literatrix recommends Six Plays by Henrik Isben for more enjoyable reading.

Danielle Clark at I Blog can post on serious subjects but also likes to be a little lighthearted now and then which I find relaxing.

Toiler at Acid Free Paper recommends The Enemy by Lee Childs.

In addition to the sites above I recommend Cox and Forkum or go to any of the above sites and checkout their blogroll or mine on the right.

In regards to taking another look at reality, my second grandchild was born Friday morning and such an event helps one see the world in a different light, a most precious and value filled light. To see my son beaming with happiness at having a healthy son (the way I did when he was born) and the loving look of the mother as she cradled the little guy in her arms was, well, a scene of complete goodness.

I feel much better now.

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Thanks for the mention, I am glad you enjoy my blog.

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