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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Global Warming Hysteria Attacked

1)Daniel Rigby at University Suckers posts a brief review of Al Gore's book "Inconvenient Truth" called "Convenient Lie." A key quote:

"...Gore's 325 page book has a grand total of 37 in-text citations. Thomas Sowell's book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, has exactly 289 in-text citations within the first 63 pages alone; Gore's book has two."

2)Dennis Chamberland at Quantum Limit also posts today on "Global Warming and The Emergent Ignorant Class" He has a 3 paragraph quote from Barry Hearn which says in part:

"If the alarmist hypothesis is correct it destroys rather than supports all the nonsense about anthropogenic emissions causing 10 °C warming by Thursday next, or whatever the latest hysteria may be, since large increases in atmospheric carbon loads are estimated to have occurred with a net warming rate of 0.05 °C per century (5 °C/10,000 years) some 55mya, when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were 2-3 times higher than they are today but only about one-half to one-third what they were when the Earth was cooler. The atmospheric carbon dioxide-driven catastrophic warming scenario is a dog that just won't hunt and yet people are obsessed with it -- extraordinary!” (From Barry Hearn)"

(Barry Hearn is the editor of Steven Milloy's website Junk

3)Gus Van Horn reports on eco-nut Jimmy Wright who put up on his lawn a crucified Santa Claus because he thinks Christmas is too commercialized.

"A Vancouver Island artist has put an effigy of a crucified Santa Claus on his front lawn, causing some neighbours to complain it's traumatizing their children.

Jimmy Wright said the figure is intended to be a comment on society's growing appetite for consumer goods."

Gus nails it when he points out:

"Jimmy Wright is not attempting to start a dialogue. He is engaging in psychological warfare, and targeting children at that. But then he is merely the most shocking example of what is going on daily in public schools across the industrialized West."


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