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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This and That Dec.

I don't know how I missed this living in Michign but Software Nerd posts on a Michigan House bill that would make it a crime to divorce or withhold financial support from a pregnant girlfriend who does not want an abortion. The bill seeks to make it a crime to put pressure on a woman to get an abortion.

I don't think the bill will go anywhere but I'm not surprised it is being attempted given the low level of intelligence of Michigan leaders. Michigan voters haven't learned that once you allow the government to regulate one aspect of one person's life, you have given the government the moral right to regulate all aspects of everyone's lives.


Thinking about giving someone a gift of chocolates but aren't sure what brand to buy? Well, Victoria at dePlume Daily took her Oracle staff (college paper) and did a review of popular brands so you and I don't have to. The reviews were down to earth honest as well as having a fair amount of artistic sophistication, like:

"Although raspberry truffles are typically considered run of the mill chocolates, the raspberry truffle offered by Soleil was unique in the sense that it was a shaped like a heart and appeared almost airbrushed; its outer shell faded gracefully from a deep purple hue to bright red."

Damn! Gimme two boxes!!


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