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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Media Slanting and Iraq Surrender Group

Check out these two posts on the web today. I'll start with Andrew Dalton at Witch Doctor Repellant who reports on media bias and slanting this time making cough syrup out to be deadly.

It doesn't surprise me that ABC news would try to paint the cough syrup as the bad guy instead of the drugs. Anything created by capitalism to relieve human suffering has to be demonized. News people like many others, believe that virtue requires sacrifice which requires suffering but if you're not suffering, how can your sacrifice have any moral import? After all, during the hearings of the oil company CEOs I think Nov. of 05, Barbara Boxer declared: “Your sacrifice appears to be nothing.” The appearance of sacrifice and suffering means everything to today's educated class whether they are newspeople or politicians. Actual merit be damned.


Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority takes a look at the Iraq Surrender Group's report. These guys seem to have a knack for discovering that which everyone else has known for some time. The press gushes over the Group but only because it is willing to call a Republican administration's number one project, Iraq, a failure. I think the honeymoon will be over soon though since they are also saying things like we shouldn't withdraw now and we're not losing either. Some senators have already began criticizing the Group.
Should be interesting.

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