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Friday, December 15, 2006

Jury Duty Update Dec 15th

Well, jury duty only lasted 4 hours today. Good thing too. I was getting hungry. They were talking about not breaking for lunch. We were looking at the prospect of the judge going to lunch while the lawyers did the selection thingy then the lawyers would go to lunch while the burping judge read us our preliminary instructions, and then the lawyers would come back and gloat about how good their quesedillas tasted. (Sigh)

Happily though it didn't come to that. As the last defendent was escorted past the jury room, full of growling stomachs, on his way to the courtroom, we chanted "We want to hang somebody." He copped a plea and we all went home.

Seriously though, I talked to a few jurors who were picked for a jury at the circuit court level (we were in district court) and they all said it was a positive experience. So, I'm not recommending you sign up for jury duty and I'm not recommending you avoid it either. I guess I'd say what my doctor said when I asked him if green tea was good for me. He smiled and said "It won't hurt you."

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