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Monday, December 11, 2006

Media Generated Scares

I had to shake my head as I read this AP article in today's Detroit Free Press titled "Bird flu panic has calmed; worry remains" by AP writer Maria Cheng. The only panic that exists is between the pages of media reports. The whole bird flu campaign was a media generated effort. Most of the reports this year contained nothing but weasel words like could, might, may, etc. mutate into a human virus. In other words, pure speculation designed to get more grant money for scientists and to sell newspapers by scaring the hell out of people. The panic wasn't among the American people, but their so-called intellectual leaders.

Another scare is the psuedo-science directed and media supported obesity scare. Reporting on how media, government and industry (at the behest of gvmt.) tv ads are harming children Sandy Szwarc at Junk Food Science says:

"Increasingly, childhood weight and eating experts are cautioning that nutrition rules are beyond children’s understanding and do not consider children’s mental and emotional development. Children cannot grasp the complexities of dietary guidelines, which most adults don’t even comprehend. The messages children take away are largely negative. Children are black-and-white thinkers and highly impressionable. When certain foods, such as fat, are restricted or they are told to eat them in moderation, they take it to mean all fat is bad."

Yes. This is pure indoctrination and has nothing to do with education. When you visit the above site I recommend reading the "previous posts" sidebar. She has more good articles on how the obesity fear mongers and do-gooders are hurting children.

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Spider63 said...

Obese children are becoming an epidemic! I don't think that kids have as much trouble as you think in understanding the difference between some good foods and others that may be less healthy. Even if they do, the only solution is education. Just like they can learn right from wrong, and everything else.