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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bush hatred and Leaks

Via the Drudge Report CNN is reporting that Al-Zawahiri was not among the 18 dead found at the site of a supposedly CIA ordered airstrike. I'm glad they tried to get him but you can bet all the Bush haters will jump on this as proof of CIA and therefore Bush incompetence. And they just might be right. So what does this mean?

If the CIA keeps getting things wrong then why keep trusting them? I think Bush should shut down most of the CIA and start over with new recruits. It's no secret that most of the people in the CIA (and Foggy Bottom and FBI) hate Bush so bad they are willing to betray their own country by leaking all kinds of secrets that aid our enemies just to make Bush look bad. Just recently it was leaked that the Bush administration was eavesdropping on telephone calls of people suspected of having ties with Al Qaeda. So now the terrorists know it and will adjust their communication habits accordingly. This of course, will make detection of the next terrorist attack here in America more difficult.

But the sad truth is that the leakers of these secrets just don't care about America on an intellectual level. They function on an emotional level. That is why there is so much pure hatred coming from the mouths of liberals. They can't function on an intellectual level because they don't know how. "Reality is an illusion." "Reason is flawed." "There is no objective reality." "There are no absolutes." This is what liberals have been taught by their teachers and they swallowed it whole.

When a person abandons reality and reason, the only tool left to guide one's actions is one's feelings. When a person becomes purely emotionally oriented his thought processes become geared to rationalizing his feelings. This is why liberals can imagine that Bush is Hitler, that American soldiers are Nazis, that Gitmo and others are gulags, and on and on. No these notions make no intellectual sense, but they do justify their feelings.

You see, in their minds, George W. Bush is not supposed to exist. His existence contradicts eveything they were taught. He believes that reality is objective and reason can understand it (but only up to a point) and that there are absolutes (again up to a point). So Bush believes in all the things liberals don't believe in. That's why they think he's such an idiot. But when his policies have good results, liberals act like there's been a death in the family. He's not supposed to have good results. His ideas aren't supposed to work. And when they do, it represents to them a reality that clashes with their most cherished beliefs.

Rather than do some introspection and examine their own beliefs, they act like the child who just discovered reality isn't conforming to his wishes, and throws a temper tantrum. (This is the state of the Democratic Party today, a spoiled brat throwing a fit.)

But these people can be very dangerous also. When reality doesn't conform to their feelings their only recourse is physical force. That is what a tantrum is. Phsycologists tell us that this lashing out at reality is a symptom of denial of a deeper problem and a behavior that is self-destructive. And I think that is why leakers of secrets are so dangerous, they don't *feel* like they're hurting America so, in their mind, they're not.

Maybe the American voters will retire some of the liberal pols this fall and more in 08. But my optimism is tempered by the fact that 48% of the voters voted for leftist John Kerry in 04.

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