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Thursday, January 26, 2006

WMDs in Syria

The New York Sun has an interview with former Iraqi general Georges Sada who wrote a book titled "Saddam's Secrets" in which he said that Saddam's WMDs were in fact moved from Iraq to Syria just before the war. (hat tip Atlas Shrugs)

This would not surprise me at all since I thought then that all the time President Bush wasted begging the worthless UN for support was just allowing Saddam time to get rid of the evidence which he obviously did. Bush should speed up the fall of Bashir Assad and the Baathist government in Damascus. Then I think, we'll find the hidden WMDs or at least what happened to them.

Syria could have been dispersing these WMDs to terrorists all around the world. I shudder to think how many people have yet to die because we didn't have the will to carpet bomb Damascus (and Teheran) while we were taking out Saddam. We could have then seized the WMDs and taken them out of circulation. But we didn't.

There is still time to correct the Syrian (and Iranian) problem. But I hope we do it before all the WMDs make it to western cities.

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