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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking Ahead

In Detroit, the Sunday newspaper is jointly produced by the Free Press and the Detroit News. Today in section E the Free Press posted a front page with "Headlines we'd like to see in 2006."

Some of these I agree with like "Yzerman goes out on top" as Red Wings win another Cup. And "With 30 games to go, Tigers still in playoff hunt."

Some I didn't agree with like "Bush withdraws Alito" and "Voters reject anti-affirmative action proposal." So, I decided to draw up some headlines I'd like to see in 2006 and they are:

"Senate approves Alito."
"Voters affirm anti-affirmative action proposal."
"Detroit School District dumps Whole Language and New Math for new rational curriculum."
"Mayor and Gov get federal ok to create Bermuda zones in Michigan, state economy explodes."
"Layoffs at NYT and WAPO."
"Bush orders hit on Iran's nuke sites."
"Nuke strikes trigger revolt, Mullahs fall."
"Syria teeters on collapse, Bush nudges."
"Palistinians express new desire for peace."
"Three lib Dem senators ousted in shocking 06 election."
"Chafee invited out of Rep party. Furor ensues."
"'There's a lot of sadness in the world', Mehlman says."
"GOP/Bush approval ratings climb, poll says."
"More layoffs at NYT and WAPO."
"Bolton demands UN adopt new concept of sovereignty per Condi/Bush."
"Soros broke."

Well, there you have it. Sure, a lot of wishful thinking there but if only three of these happen before 08 I'll be happy.

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