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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Conservatively Speaking

Well well, canada has a (somewhat) conservative Prime Minister. Mark Steyn has all the info here

Couple that with the fact that the Socialists just lost in Portugal according to the Gateway Pundit here and the recent election of Angela Merkel in Germany and the impending (hopefully) doom of Mr. Chirac in France, it looks like the unemployment line for liberal and leftist leaders is getting longer.

But what happens if Republicans win again in 08? Are the psychotic liberals going to run up to a CONSERVATIVE Canada? Their comfort zones seem to be shrinking rapidly. It seems that the loudest of the international Bush bashers are falling by the wayside.

This also means that the Bush-hating MSM has lost some of its global cheerleaders. This in turn should mean a little more international support for Bush and his policies. If I were a Republican congressman or senator, I just might be worried about opposing the president now that he has new support.

The election of conservatives in Canada, Portugal, Germany, and perhaps France soon, should give Bush a stronger negotiating position overseas.

However, there is a big danger I think in all these conservative elections, and that is if these conservative leaders don't bring freedom and property rights and prosperity to their people, then future leftists will say that capitalism had its chance and failed and now it's time for a socialist dictatorship. And how would the conservatives answer them? But our dictators will be more compassionate?

The whole world needs to move towards laissez-faire capitalism. But somone needs to lead the way. That would be us.


Kevin said...

Obviously you missed yesterday's CNN lunchtime reporting on how our neighbors in South America are leaning Left and electing socialist-sympathetic governments.

So I guess our disaffected need to learn Spanish and head South, not North if the GOP retains or expands its dominance in 2008.

Mike N said...

You're right Kevin, I did miss CNN's lunchtime report. I wonder how Vicente Fox will respond to the visual of Americans flowing across the border to get into Mexico? Should be interesting.