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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This and that

Today's Detroit Free Press has an article titled "Suit filed over 15 returned to Cuba." Evidently, 15 Cubans made it to an old bridge piling. But because it wasn't connected to land the Cubans are deemed to be "wet feet" --as opposed to "dry feet" --refugees. This means Cubans who make it to land can stay but those caught at sea are sent back to Cuba.

What an idiotic policy! It's not like Cubans are coming here to kill infidels or fly planes into buildings. They're coming here to get the hell away from Castro's communist paradise that Jimmy Carter keeps gushing about. I doubt it but maybe this lawsuit will get that wet-dry policy dropped. They have a right to come here wet or dry.

On another front, I think the voters of Massachusetts should do themselves and the rest of the nation a big favor and retire Sen Ted Kennedy. The man is a disgrace to the Senate and an embaressment to the nation. His vituperative attacks on Judge Alito were way over the top and displayed a hate-filled heart unbecoming of a US Senator.

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