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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Denial of Reality and Rights

Bruno at The Simplest Thing discovers the anti-mind, anti-reality nature of one of his teachers. Here is just one of his professor's quotes:

"One thing can be one thing and another thing at the same time."

Sounds like your average American philosophy professor to me.
What law of identity?


Gates of Vienna has an essay on Mr. Rahman who may be executed in Afganistan for leaving Islam for Christianity. Money quote:

"What Afghanistan is proposing to do is completely legal, under a constitution that we helped to install, under a government that was duly elected in a free and fair ballot."

That is why our founders wanted nothing to do with "democracy." It is nothing more than unlimited majority rule. Even protections for minorities are eventually done away with usually under some form of "How come the minority gets to dictate to the majority? I thought democracy meant majority rule?"

That Mr. Bush doesn't seem to understand the difference between democracy and a constitutional republic based of individual rights is scary.


Nicholas Provenzo previews a letter going out to newspapers 3/23/06 at the Rule of Reason about the Imclone disaster. If there ever was a good reason to get rid of the FDA, this was it. A perfect example of hatred of the good for being the good.

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