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Friday, March 31, 2006

Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good:
I want to commend Canada on cutting off aid to the new terrorist government Hamas in the so-called Palistinian territories.

The Bad:
And I want to chastise Canada for having only one paper that printed the Mohammed cartoons, The Western Standard.

If Canada is willing to take a principled stand against an evil like Hamas terrorism, why not for a good like free speech?

The Good:
"Want to be happy? Get Married"
"According to survey, 60 percent are in wedded bliss; having kids,going to church also factors." So said the title and subtitle of a report in today's Detroit News.

The Bad:
If you get or need heart surgury, tell people not to pray for you. According to another report in the Detroit News titled "Prayers' benefits still unmeasured." With the subtitle "Study shows no help for heart surgury patients after strangers ask God to aid the ill in their recovery." In fact prayer was "associated with poorer outcomes." Further down the report says:

"But for some faithful who regularly pray for people they don't necessarily know, there is no scientific inquirey that can prove their efforts fruitless."

Well, true. You can't prove a negative.

The Ugly:
Andrew Dalton at Witch Doctor Repellant informs us that our super spy hero James Bond will henceforth be more "fallible and human." Eeeeeeeuuuuuuk!! (I like Andrew's title though)

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