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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feingold's Five Feints

Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold, by calling for Bush's censure, is giving Wisconson voters real good reasons to find someone else to vote for when Mr. Feingold comes up for re-election. He is a hate filled little man who is letting his hatred of Bush blind him to the fact that he is destroying the office of the president. He just doesn't care about the office of the president. That's feint one.

Feint two is the fact that, with Republican Senator John McCain, he has done more damage to the First Amendment's free speech protections than any left-wing communist whacko could ever hope to do. He just doesn't care about the First Ammendment.

Feint three is the increasingly obvious fact that Feingold wants to be president and is using his own office as a tool to get lots of free publicity. He doesn't even care about the integrity of his own office.

Feint four is the fact that he is attacking Bush the man and not Bush's ideas. He does so because he (Feingold) doesn't have any ideas, only a lust for power. He just doesn't care about ideas.

Feint five is the fact that Feingold obviously does not want Bush eavesdropping on terrorists who live here in America. He just doesn't care about America's security.

So, he doesn't care about the office of the president, his own office, the First Ammendment, ideas or America's security. Get rid of him Wisconsin voters!


Myrhaf said...

A staunch Democrat I know holds Feingold as the politician she would most like to see run for President in 2008. He is hugely popular with the Kossacks. The left's opinion of Feingold is exactly opposite of yours: his aggressive attacks against the free market make him something of a moral idealist to the base. Cynicism and power lust in the service of destroying Republicans or capitalism is idealism to them.

I believe a totalitarian element is widespread throughout the Democrat base.

Mike N said...

Myrhaf, I agree with the widespread totalitarian element in the Dem base. They believe in the idea of forced sacrifices. That's why they worship the likes of Stalin, Castro, Mao et al. As Ms. Rand said, communism represents the sacrifice of all to all and that is the moral ideal of all liberals. Unfortunately, most conservatives too.

Stouff said...

Can I just say if anyone is 'destroying' the office of President it's your President. Why?Lets start with doing things that your Constitution says are illegal. That seems like a pretty bad idea for someone in that kind of office. Why is calling for censure so criminal? It seems to me that most Americans don't want to accept the fact that this Bush administration is riddled with wrongdoing and corruption and would rather stick their heads in the sand than hold this man to account for the illegal activity that was perpetrated at his command. One of the key reasons that the GOP gave for their attempt to impeach Clinton was that he lied. I'd like to ask you guys what you think Bush was doing when he told press on many occasions that he was using wiretapping, but added that he knew he needed a court order to get a wiretap??? Who was he kidding?? I think there's more than a little hypocrisy coming from the far right conservatives on this one. What can I say, extremists are always dangerous, be they from left, or right....

Mike N said...

Stouff, I dont agree that the Bush admin is full of corruption. Doing some stupid things? I would go along with that. From what I read Bush said he didn't need warrents, not that he knew he needed them.
The most dangerous people are those who call themselves moderate. They are willing to settle for a moderate amount of freedom and a moderate amount of slavery, a moderate amount of justice and a moderate amount of injustice, a moderate amount of good and a moderate amount of evil.

No thanks, I'll take an extremist any day. I'm an extremist for freedom, for capitalism, for individual rights, for justice and for our constitution just to name a few.

Stouff said...

Yeah, but that's not what the Bush administration offers....You can't put your hand on the bible and swear to uphold the constitution, then blatantly ignore it, and not expect to be called a liar? Bush's worst legacy has been to bitterly divide America to the extent where you have one half of the country revulsed by the values of the other half. That's what makes you look weak. Plus he's 100% alienated everyone else in the world, including many of your traditional allies with his A,B,C foriegn policy. And as for individual rights, the current administration wants to take your individual rights away! Free speech zones.....come on. Warrentless wiretaps. The patriot act. All of these things impinge on individual freedoms, and yet people don't see that. I would ask you why, if you are so adamant about these personal freedoms, you are so willing to let this administration remove them? Plus, I don't understand how the war in Iraq links in with all of this. Iraq is a mess because the west is experimenting with nation building. It's an un-natural process. Every country that has made the transition from Autocracy/Tyranny to democracy has done it of it's own valition. For me, democracy isn't democracy if someone's telling you to do it. Plus the Iraqi's must think it strange that the two countries that are ostensibly pushing them into this process are the two countries that struggle to get 50% of their eligable voters to vote! What a great advert. Jeez.