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Thursday, March 02, 2006

There They Go Again

There is one website I try to visit every week and that is John Brignell's Number Watch which is here. I especially liked his posts "Glasses" and "Trivial Pursuit" and Number of the Month for Feb. which is down at the bottom.

Evidently, the Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be raising the upper end of their predictions for global warming in their 2007 Assesment Report. A preview of the AR will be released in April and of course The Guardian just happened to get a copy of the draft of the preview of the AR.

The IPCC had originally predicted a future warming between 1.3 and 4.8 deg.C then that was raised to 2.0 to 11 and now it's 15 or higher. No doubt this early warning is so the media and politicos and NGOs of the world can get a head start on badgering their respective populations into sacrificing more of their money, rights and freedoms to the gods of the wilderness.

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