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Monday, March 20, 2006

Not a Bad Weekend--Plus

Sunday the 19th of March was another good day. My 7 month old granddaughter (my only grandchild so far) cut her first tooth. Is it ever tiny! Mike's Eyes can barely see it!

Many years ago my oldest son answered an ad "Wanted, estimator. Will train." He was hired by the owner of a one man commercial construction company who only had himself and a girl friday. He learned estimating then project managing. Today the company is a little bigger and this weekend the owner offered my son a partnership. This should put him over the hump financially. Needless to say, dad is very proud.


Diana Hsieh at Noodle Food has a good post on charity and generosity as viewed by objectivists and altruists. When I tell people I believe in rational self-interest, they always wonder how I can be a nice person too.


Jennifer Snow at Literatrix has a good essay against smoking bans here. Banning smoking is just a pretext for starting the use of force against your fellow man,


softwareNerd said...

Is the construction company in the Detroit area? If so, would you share the name?

Mike N said...

Yes, it's in the Detroit area. I'll share the name but only by private email. This is because it is a private company and the owner has made no public announcements so I will honor that. My email is on my profile page.

Diana said...

That post actually written by my new co-blogger, Greg Perkins! (Still, I'm glad you liked it!)

bob said...

Congratulations on the tooth, and how cool to be able to be proud of your son- certainly a positive reflection of your parenting endevors. I have had my first opportunity to be proud of my son-aside from the in home accomplishments, my son (20 months) was named friend of the day - because of his kindness he was granted the cape to wear. strangely when I heard this I smiled hard for an hour. I can only imagine how long your smile is lasting for a partnership-