Thursday, March 09, 2006

This and That March

Gus Van Horn has an excellent analysis of an environmental propaganda article here. It's about how the greens' newfound toleration of nuclear power is just a ploy. Steven Milloy at Junk even linked to it.


I wasn't going to post on the Dubai Ports World event but since it's become such a hot button issue here are my ponderings:

against DPW: The UAE is a union of Muslim nations. Muslims believe in the Koran. The Koran calls for the death or dhimmitude of all non-Muslims including using the technique of gaining the confidence and trust of the infidels. Unlike other religous bibles, the violent aspects of the Koran's teachings have never been reputiated or reformed. The bottom line--they can't be trusted.

for DPW: It has been said that UAE Muslims are peace loving Muslims who want to bring Islam into the 21st century. Are they? Where is the evidence to support this idea? Should we give them a chance to prove it?
I wonder if there were to be an Imam or Ayatollah step forward with proposals to reform Islam's more violent features, would the UAE be eager to get behind him? Did our congress's action make it less likely Islam will ever be reformed? Or would such an Imam wind up dead after two or three days?

It is true that they have helped in the war on terror. But how much? Enough to make the terrorists mad at them? I don't think so because I heard that the UAE has never been the victim of a terrorist attack. Why? Wahabist Saudi Arabia has. Could it be that UAE controls most of the terrorist money? I don't know.

I do know that respect and trust are values and like all values they must be earned.
Why doesn't the UAE give birth to a reforming Ayatollah? That would certainly earn some respect. Or is that just too damn dangerous?

Americans just witnessed Muslims all over the world rioting and killing over cartoons and before that flaming Fiats in France by Muslim "youths." And before that 911. If American's reaction is "What? You want us to trust them?" can anyone blame them? If Dubai isn't getting what it wants because Islam has an image problem, then they need to understand that the image problem exists because of a substance problem, killings. It is a problem that only Muslims can fix. They need to get started on the fixing problem now.


Relative to the above, I have to laugh at the newfound concern for national security by Sen. Schumer and crowd. According to them it's a crime to profile at airports but not regarding seaports.
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