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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another Notice

Somehow I missed or forgot this announcement from Sept 1st. On the premise that later is better than never, here it is.

The Objectivist Club Association (OCA), a new organization
dedicated to assisting Objectivist campus and community
clubs, has launched a new forum -
- for all those involved in a club or interested in founding

Discussions about recruitment and advertising stategies,
speaking events, club meetings, and other sundry club-related
topics are already ongoing, and you're welcome to start new
threads of your own.

By registering for free, you can ask
questions of fellow club leaders, share your experiences,
discuss possibilities for collaboration, suggest services and
materials you'd like the OCA to provide, and participate in a
dialogue with other Objectivists who take ideas and cultural
change as seriously as you do.

To learn more about the OCA, you can visit the main website at

Hope to see you on the forum soon!


---OCA Staff

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