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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Spotted by Mikes Eyes Sat. 09/02/06

An astoundingly brilliant headline on page 10 of the Detroit Free Press of Sept. 2nd. 06. I don't blame the reporter because often it's the editors who write headlines. It reads "Hiring helps nation's unemployment rate." Yep and the sun rises in the east and the sky is blue and....


A good report by Ergo at Leitmotif, on the censorship going on in India and how that country may be embracing some elements of capitalism, but is nowhere near accepting the moral code on which it is based-rational self-interest. A key quote:

"India is a primitive tribalistic society that’s being dragged out kicking and screaming into the light of modern civilization and capitalism and it does not know how to deal with the bright lights. So, very often it shuts its eyes in desperate attempts to remain in the darkness that it is so comfortable in."

Yes indeed. An aquaintence from India once told me almost the same thing, that the corruption and primativism were too deeply entrenched to allow the grasping of such concepts as rational self-interest or individual rights. But I want to add that the last sentence in that quote describes to a tee the psycho-epistomology of people I know on the left and the right.


Some good how-tos by Craig Biddle at Principles In Practice. There is the one on how to say grace at a table of Christians--if you're feeling bold.

And there is one on how to make your own Jackson Pollock painting.

On a more serious note he tells us how to win the war on terror in 5 simple steps. I concur.


Paul at Noodle Food has a collection of photos of government incompetence. Heh.


Speaking of government incompetence, Kevin at the Smallest Minority reports on a man who was arrested for stealing his own car. But before he was cleared of all charges, the police sold it. Now he can't get it back!

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