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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Witch Doctor Wannabe

The Monday Sept 4th Detroit Free Press carried an AP article called "Obesity called threat to world health" which states that:

**"We are not dealing with a scientific or medical problem. We're dealing with an enormous economic problem that, it is already accepted, is going to overwhelm every medical system in the world," said Dr. Philip James, the British chairman of the International Obesity Task Force.

James said the cost of treating obesity-related health problems was immeasurable on a global scale, but the group estimated it at billions of dollars a year in nations such as Australia, Britain and the United States.**

By saying obesity is not a scientific or medical problem, he is saying in essence "Let the censorship begin. We won't consider any more scientific or medical facts. Instead we only need to focus on an entity called the globe which is losing billions of dollers and now we must decide how to force citizens to change their behavior in such a way that this entity stops losing so much money."

Novelist Ayn Rand pointed out that Attilas (dictators) rule the physical world but they need witch doctors (intellectuals) who rule the metaphysical world, to provide them (the dictators) with a justification (propaganda) for their rule by force. Notice the phrase " is already accepted..." Not proven but accepted. By whom? Obviously by other witch doctors.

Dr. Philip James may not regard himself as a witch doctor wannabe, but that is the role he is playing by allowing himself to become an establishment scientist where facts take a back seat to the latest governmentally desired policy.

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