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Friday, September 08, 2006

A Little More Good News

Zach Oaks at Oak Tree reports that the Penn State Objectivist club had a photo of their ad on the front page of the Penn State student newspaper. Good. The more publicity the better.


My google alert for Ayn Rand mentions in the media also led me to the Iowa State Daily student newspaper and an op-ed writer named Noah Stahl. His op-ed "The boy who cried 'hate speech'" is really well reasoned. I like the way he concretized his points.


Dennis Chamberland at Quantum Limit links to a site with some pretty amazing pictures of Earth taken from space. I like the ones taken of Earth at night.


Gus Van Horn has an insightful analysis of Sandall's essay on the role of elites in the decline of their societies.

At Capitalism Magazine Walter Williams discusses the meaning of the concept 'discrimination.'

Craig Biddle at Principles in Practice writes on "Relativism and Religion vs the Lives of Americans."

Cox & Forkum outdid themselves again in two cartoons here and here.

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