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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Few Recommendations

Last weekend Mrs. Eyes and I went to see the movie The Illusionist largely based on recommendations by Objectivists. Well we both enjoyed it very much and are now recommending it to anyone who hasn't seen it.


Gus Van Horn has a link to a Senate speech by Sen. James Inhofe on global warming. I recommend reading the whole thing.


Steven Milloy at Junk has a link to a report that air bags and seat belts may not be saving more lives. A key quote:

**The behavior responsible for this seeming paradox is called the offset hypotheses, which predicts that consumers adapt to innovations meant to improve safety by becoming less vigilant about safety, said Fred Mannering, a professor of civil engineering at Purdue University.

"When antilock brakes were first introduced, insurance companies noticed that the accident rates for those cars increased," he said. "We decided to see whether the offset hypothesis could explain this phenomenon."**

They had to spend money on a study to tell them something most people with common sense already knew.


SN said...

"...something most people with common sense already knew."

Like the common advice that goes, "Beware of those dangerous Volvo drivers, those safety ads go to their heads!" :)

Michael Neibel said...


Joe said...

I have to second your movie recommendation for The Illusionist! It was a enjoyable movie from start to finish!
Joe Kane